Website Operations Completion Times (SLA)

Requested implementation dates may be adjusted according to priority and team bandwidth.

Website update requests are prioritized based on impact to the organization, alignment with Providence website content strategy and Digital Experience goals, scope and when the update was requested.

If you have an essential or time-sensitive request, please explain your need with your request description.

Request Type Criteria Typical Completion Time
(business days)
Tier 1  Urgent updates
  • Incorrect information
  • Business-critical 
2-5 days
 Location updates
  • Website location pages
  • Google listings, Yext, etc.
  • Follows location content guidelines
5-10 days 
 Document upload/
  • Website PDFs
 5-10 days
  • Single page updates (2 days)
  • New pages (3 days)
  • Multiple pages in campaign and/or complex campaigns (up to 10 days)
2-10 days
Tier 2  New locations
  • Website location pages
  • New entry in Google, Yext, etc.
  • Follows location content guidelines
5-15 days
 Service content updates
  • Follows service content guidelines
 New service
  • Follows service content guidelines
 Content update/
 new content
 (goal aligned or required)
  • Conversion focused, consumer facing
  • Required by business/compliance
Tier 3  Content update/
 new content
  • Not consumer facing or conversion focused
5-20 days
depending on scope,
team bandwidth
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