Cómo mantenerse en forma cuando el gimnasio está cerrado y estás atrapado en casa

How to stay fit when the gym is closed and you are stuck at home

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Due to Coronavirus concerns and gym closures abounding, this sheltering in place is likely interfering with your daily workout. 

Regular exercise is essential for supporting a healthy immune system, so it's important to stay active as we continue to abide by social distancing protocols. You're probably wondering how you can do this, particularly if you rely on your gym for your workouts. 

This article from CNN Health outlines several great ways to continue to stay active and abide by social distancing measures. From working out on your own to with your family (kids need exercise, too!) and even a sample workout is included that you can start today. Read the full article here for great ways to stay active now.

You don't need exercise equipment to workout at home. The floor and a couch will do.
Stressful times can lead to unanticipated health issues. Learn how to recognize and what to do if you think you're having a stroke.
24 Hour fitness has launched a new app for working out while sheltered in place at home. Go to their website for details and to download the app.
How to stay fit when the gym is closed and you are stuck at home
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