CORE se asocia con Providence sobre el estudio de la genómica

CORE partners with Providence on genomics study

CORE is partnering with Providence on Geno4ME, a research program aimed at advancing genomic medicine to improve disease treatment and prevention.

The Center for Outcomes Research and Education (CORE) is partnering with Providence Genomics on a new study aimed at advancing genomic medicine to improve disease treatment and prevention. The Geno4ME (Genomic Medicine for Everyone) study reflects Providence’s belief that genomic medicine will transform the future of healthcare.

CORE’s research team is supporting efforts to enroll thousands of Providence patients to participate in the study, which includes one-time free genomic screening using whole genome sequencing. The study empowers patients to discover what their genes can indicate about risk for certain cancers, cardiovascular diseases, and other inherited medical conditions, as well as the safety or efficacy of certain medications. Patients and their doctors receive a clinical report of over 80 genes known to impact risk. Since launch earlier this year, the program has already identified patients with genetic risk factors who had not been detected previously.

As part of the study, participants also answer questionnaires on non-clinical risk factors such as health behaviors and healthcare access, as well as social determinants of health such as food insecurity and access to housing. Combined with the genomic data, this information helps create a unique and more comprehensive medical portrait of risk factors for each patient in the study. 

CORE is recruiting Providence patients to participate in Geno4ME and focusing on understanding the intersection of non-clinical and genetic risk factors for disease. CORE is testing and developing a variety of recruitment methods to reach under-represented populations not historically engaged in genetic testing and research. By reaching a more diverse group of study participants, Geno4ME seeks to enhance equity in care and improve health outcomes for all.

“We are excited to team up with Providence on this effort to transform the future of healthcare through genomic medicine and understanding of non-clinical risk factors,” said Keri Vartanian, Director, CORE. “This comprehensive view of risk factors for poor health and chronic disease has the potential to dramatically shift health care delivery and population health.”

This study will advance the knowledge and application of personalized medicine at Providence and empower patients and providers with information that can improve prevention, health, and outcomes.

Learn more about Geno4ME at the official website:





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