Sotrovimab: Anticuerpo monoclonal eficaz contra omicron

Sotrovimab: Monoclonal antibody effective against omicron

A COVID-19 vaccination and booster remain the most effective means to minimize the risk of severe illness and should be the top priority for everyone. For someone with mild to moderate COVID-19 symptoms not requiring hospitalization but is at high risk for progression to more severe disease, an infusion of monoclonal antibody may add further protection.

Currently, sotrovimab is the only monoclonal antibody to have effectiveness against the omicron variant. At this time, it is in short supply but may be available from local emergency departments and independent infusion centers.

If you or your primary care physician (PCP) believe you may be a candidate for sotrivimab, you may be referred to an emergency department to be evaluated. It’s important to understand that your PCP's referral does not guarantee you will receive sotrovimab. This will be determined only after you are confirmed to meet the current criteria for administration (which may be more restrictive than that listed in the Emergency Use Authorization) and there is sotrovimab available.

Sotrovimab may be available at other sites besides hospital emergency rooms, and there are now oral medications to treat mild or moderate outpatient COVID available by prescription at some local pharmacies.  It is always good to discuss with your PCP whether these options would be appropriate for your situation.

Please visit the LA County* or Orange County** health department websites for updated information. Additionally, an an online search will reveal the most current information on local infusion centers regarding sotrovimab availability.

*LA County:

**Orange County:

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