Providence athletic trainer helps teen athlete get back in the game

SPOKANE WASINGTON—Sports have been a core part of Jordis Harmer’s life for as long as she can remember. 

“I’ve been playing sports since I was really little. It’s something I love,” Jordis said.  

That’s why Jordis was so worried when she started having leg pains heading into her freshman track season at North Central High School. Pandemic conditions had pushed volleyball season into track season that year, eliminating the break her body needed to recover between sports seasons.

Jordis brushed off the pain as typical soreness from conditioning.  

The reality was much more serious.  

“A few weeks into track, the pain was so bad that I had to stop running completely. I was devastated when I came to our athletic trainer Autumn Rollins for help,” Jordis said.  

Autumn Rollins, MS, LAT, ATC, is one of the Providence athletic trainers who works at local schools to help athletes stay healthy, whether that’s injury prevention or treatment. It is a free resource for student athletes.  

“Jordis was dealing with shin splints and a stress fracture. We worked together to come up with a game plan for her rehab and recovery so she could get back to doing what she loved, safely,” Autumn said.  

Jordis met with Autumn every day during practice for rehab sessions, which included a variety of treatments like ice massage and shin strengthening exercises.  

 “I felt like Autumn truly cared about me,” Jordis said. “I trusted her and listened to her because I knew she had my best interest at heart.” 

Jordis followed Autumn’s plans diligently with hopes she would be well enough to return to the volleyball court this fall.  

The work was worth it. 

“I still remember the feeling I had when I got through two weeks of hard conditioning and wasn’t in constant pain. It felt good to push myself again and know I am recovered. I can do this,” Jordis said.  

Jordis continues to work regularly with Autumn on injury prevention. She knows taking care of her body is important now and in the long run. She has dreams of being a college athlete.   

“Jordis is a phenomenal athlete and a fighter. She has gotten this far because she works hard and was willing to put in the work for rehab,” Autumn said. “As athletic trainers, we are in this to see these kids succeed and when they do, it’s a win for the whole care team.” 

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